Summer Vape Juice By E-Liquid Depot Review

E-Liquid Depot provides vapers with different e-juice flavor profiles. Most of the company’s e-juices are very popular among vapers. This company is known for creating premium-quality vape juices. Among the different flavor profiles on offer from E-Liquid Depot, there are beverage e-juices. One beverage e-juice from this company that stands out is Summer.

Summer is a blend of cherry and lemon. It tastes like a delicious and refreshing cocktail. Each E-Liquid Depot’s beverage e-liquid is unique. Some other beverage vapes from this company are Hipster, Milkshake, Snap, Smurf, and Velocity.

E-Liquid Depot is based in Melbourne, Florida. The company prides itself in creating premium-quality vape juices which are sold at very affordable prices. Summer can surely be an all-day vape if you like beverage e-liquids – particularly blends that contain cherry and lime. This e-juice is perfect for the hot summer months.

Flavor Description
With Summer, you get a strong cherry flavor on the inhale. Lime is dominant on the exhale while you still have hints of cherry in the background. You can actually taste the lime on your lips. The taste is exactly like a cherry limeaid.

Vaping Summer is like having a very cool and refreshing tropical juice on a hot day. You will love the tantalizing citrus flavor. The sweetness is not overpowering, but it is present.

VG/PG Ratio
Summer is made of 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20% propylene glycol (PG). With an RDA at 175 watts, you get massive clouds. The clouds are thick and milky white. They spread quite nicely when you blow and linger for a in the air.

The e-juice is quite thick. You can choose to vape it using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank.

Nicotine Strength
Summer is available with nicotine strength levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. These are low levels of nicotine strength. The throat hit is mild.  You will not feel any irritation in the throat.

This cherry limeaid e-juice is available in 30ml or 120ml bottles. The clear plastic bottle has a dropper cap that facilitates dripping, but does not have a childproof safety cap. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep the bottle away from the reach of children. The e-juice has a strong scent of lime and hints of cherry.

The label is very simple. There is the picture of two glasses filled with cherry limeaid, some cherries and a lemon on the side. The bottle capacity, the nicotine strength, the logo, and the product name are clearly visible on the label. You will also find some other information like the mandatory warning found on all products containing nicotine.

For $11.99, you can buy a 120ml bottle of Summer at

At E-Liquid Depot, you can buy vape juices at some of the best prices on the market. The company has a range of flavor profiles. You will also find vaping accessories and devices at the store. There is free shipping for purchases of more than $40. You also benefit from excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Resellers can request for wholesale prices to increase their profit margins and beat the competition.

Summer is very relaxing. The e-juice is for those who like beverage vapes that contain a bit of citrus. The taste is that of an authentic cherry limeaid. It does not taste artificial. The refreshing lime and cherry flavor will tingle your taste buds. You will savor the taste of this e-liquid with every puff. The e-juice is perfect for a hot sunny day. Like the name of this e-juice suggests, you’ll enjoy it during the hot summer days.

E-Liquid Depot is not a new company. It has been around for some time, and its products are highly-rated on the market for their high-quality and low prices.

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